Bend the linear mindset…

We exist to encourage people and businesses to rethink the linear idea of waste and move from a linear mindset to a circular one. 
Behive has a mission to inspire everyone to begin their circular journey by taking simple steps to adopt sustainable actions. 

Why Think differently about waste

Linear Thinking​


We TAKE raw materials from nature


We MAKE products from these materials


We USE these products


and tipically we DISPOSE them as soon as we finish using them

Circular Thinking

Reducing environmental impact and emissions is a top priority. Behive is not just talking the talk but walking the walk, aligning closely with Australian Sustainability Reporting climate-related disclosure, we encourage everyone to put the right thing in the right bin, and effectively help to reduce scope 1 and 3 footprint emissions, which are direct and indirect emissions from the business.

Raw materials


Renewable Resources


Non- Renewable Resources


Our Solutions

Our Solutions


We provide training/workshops to guide everyone to understand the waste system in Australia.

Our Solutions

Recycling with Behive Box

We have a custom box that allows recycling specific types of waste while providing an opportunity for businesses to make a positive impact and capture important information to reporting your environmental positive impact. 

Our Solutions

Behive App

Beta test

Behive App helps individuals and businesses make circularity actions and create the habit of reduce the footprint that we emit on a day by day by calculating emissions!

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